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Santiago Compostela
Together with Jerusalem and Rome, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA is one of the most important peregrination places of the world. Most pilgrims use the French Course, that starts at Roncesvalles or at Saint Jean Pied de Port, passing by trough Spain, heading to Santiago de Compostela. This course has about 900km long. Some people start their peregrination at their birth places, including Germany and Austria, going through a peregrination of more than 1000 km.

Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral is one o the Christianity Pilars. This City lodges 46 churchs, 114 bell towers, 228 altars and 46 congregations.

Santiago de Compostela’s history tells us of a religious and ancient architecture. You can admire superb exemplars like 2 angels with glasses from the XIV century integrated in a high-relief, or the pregnant Virgin Mary at a church’s entrance.
Ovar´s Carnaval
Organized since 1952, Ovar’s Carnaval is the biggest touristic event of the region. It attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

The preparation involves the participants and their families, all year long . Themselves execute the costumes, the masks, the fantasies and the theme cars made with great exoticism creativity and a fantastic humor!

During the Carnaval’s month, all kind of initiatives are developed… tricks, pranks, cultural initiatives and the Parade for 2000 “foliões vareiros” distributed through the Samba Schools, Groups and individual people.

The colorful, the phantasy, the rythm, the humor and the Carnaval’s joy invade Ovar’s streets.
It is contagious and irresistible to feel Ovar’s Carnaval pleasure, vitamin and joy.
Serra da Estrela
With a height of 1993 meters, Serra da Estrela is the culminating point for of the Portuguese territory.
The extraordinary Sceneries of this mountainous set have been responsable for considering that this, and all the involving area, should be considered as a Nacional Park. With about 101 thousand hectares, this park is the largest protected area in portuguese territory.

It´s also an important place for attracting tourists, from all over the world, because it is coverd with snow, during the cold months and because it has majestic sceneries that are beautifully decorated with green water an life for the rest of the year.
Almonds tree in Flower
Thanks to its unique weather, the region of the upper Douro can announce Spring a month before its time. During 3 to 4 days the weather reaches a temperature of 12º and so starts the fabulous and beautiful show… the Almonds tree in Flower.

In February na March, the 4 localities, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Mogadouro, Torre de Moncorvo e Vila Nova de Foz Côa, dress up in white and pink flowers welcoming those who visit.

Every Year Upper Douro welcomes its visiters , with a maginificent show provided by mother nature "The Almonds tree in Flower" .
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